Future cadets 

  You are required to enlist in the armed services after JROTC.

Participation in JROTC does not obligate you to join any armed services.



Taking JROTC is a four year commitment.

 JROTC is an elective course. Ongoing participation is recommended though.



Instructors yell like drill sergeants in boot camp videos.

JROTC is not boot camp! You will not be yelled at or ridiculed. 



JROTC will prevent me from participating in other sports or clubs. 

Many cadets participate in sports and other clubs while also in JROTC. 



cadet Testimonials 

Patty Antoniak

Class of 2020

"JROTC has motivated me to become the best version of myself and unlock all of my potential. The army values not only helped me grow in the program but helped me grow as a leader in other aspects of my life."

Erik Eisold

class of 2021

"As soon as my freshman year started, I enjoyed the class. The hands-on activities, the physical training, the leadership opportunities, and the new friendships I made increased my interest in the program. By the end of my freshman year, I had a whole new perspective on life and I learned so much that other teenagers will not learn until later in life."

Landon cari

class of 2022

"Throughout the time of being in JROTC I have gained some important life skills that will help me every day. As time passes I moved up in the battalion and became a better then I did before I joined.

Jessica Salas

class of 2023

"In JROTC, the environment is great and you're surrounded by people who are kind and generous. I wanted to be a better person and I can thank JROTC for that. I've become more confident in myself and in front of others."

What to expect

 JROTC has something for everyone. Students can expect to make friendships, build leadership skills, grow academically, and contribute in ways that produce better communities. JROTC offers opportunities that not a lot of other programs give you. Discover more about your JROTC experience by exploring this website.


JROTC provides students with life skills. The program allows you to meet extraordinary people and build your skills outside a class setting. Students in JROTC gain the knowledge and skills to become tomorrow's leaders. Participation in JROTC improves your resume and is an asset on scholarship applications. 


Beyond the class curriculum, Naples High School JROTC offers many teams that cadets can join to further build on cooperation, discipline, and leadership. Cadets have fun in these teams and build lasting memories. Joining a team is optional, but highly encouraged because most teams go to competition.  

49517944541_2f2e90beec_o (1).jpg
Academic Team

Academic Team is a competitive team that tests the knowledge of cadets. Students who excel in academics will enjoy being a part of this competitive team.

Color guard eric.jpg
Color Guard

Color Guard is a team of cadets that perform synchronized movements on command while carrying flags and rifles. They perform at both school and community events.

Drill Team

Drill Team is a large team of cadets that perform synchronized movements on command. Drill is a reflection of discipline, requiring dedication, hard work, and integrity.

Drum Corps

Drum Corps is for the musically talented cadets. Drum Corps participates at local parades and other events to raise community spirits.

Honor Guard

Honor Guard is for individuals who excel in drill and ceremony. They are hand picked and are involved in notable important community and school events. 

Leadership Team.jpg
Leadership Team

Leadership Team tests cadets on their knowledge with interactive learning. One of the main goals of Leadership Team is to challenge students to think outside the box and encourage them to discover and utilize their leadership styles.

Raider Team

Raider Team is an intense physical challenge that requires cadets have high endurance. Raiders test each team on their individual physical endurance such as: rope bridge, tire-flip, obstacle course, 3k run, and more. 

Rifle Team

Rifle Team is an air rifle shooting team built for cadets who want to learn and improve their marksmanship skills. Cadets will be shooting in a competition style. 

Service Learning

Service Learning is a club dedicated to helping the local community through participation with local charities. Cadets assist where needed including physical labor.