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Teams are an extracurricular activity and typically meet on school campus, but after school hours. Team participation is optional, but highly recommended as each cadet is required to either assist in a volunteer capacity or join a team.

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Academic Team

Academic Team strengthens cadets' knowledge in a variety of academic topics. Using SAT and ACT test questions, members compete to answer questions quickly and correctly. Team members build leadership skills, strengthen knowledge, and improve their testing abilities. 

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CDR: C/CPT McKellan Welzbacher


Color Guard

Color Guard teaches cadets synchronized movements while holding flags and rifles. This team is the face of Naples High School JROTC in the community. Color Guard won’t just teach cadets how to use JROTC equipment properly, it will also improve their self confidence in public. Members of Color Guard participate in competitions alongside Drill Team against other schools. 


CDR: C/CPT Lexi Mathurin

XO: C/CSM Justin Carbajal


Honor Guard

Honor Guard cadets present sabers at significant civic events. This team requires cadets of a high moral character with proven cadet professionalism. This team is comprised of mostly upper classmen. Honor Guard is also an extension of the Color Guard team, and participates in several key events like Honor Flight and Night to Shine. 


Drill Team


CDR: C/CSM Justin Carbajal

Drill Team helps cadets master and execute individual movements in group synchronization. This team builds precision, confidence, and camaraderie. Drill is a reflection of discipline and requires dedication, hard work, and integrity. Drill will help cadets progress through ranks, and  improve themselves as a citizen. Golden Eagle Battalion Drill Team historically wins awards at both county and state competitions. 


XO: C/CPT Tyler Dixon


Drum Corps

Drum Corps is a musical marching unit for musically talented cadets. Drum Corps participates at local parades and other events to raise community spirits. This team requires a deep personal commitment that will require strength and focus. Facing new levels of responsibility, discipline and self-knowledge, cadets will gain values that will help them succeed in life. 


CDR: C/CPT Myiah Darrant

XO: C/CPT Tyler Dixon


raider Team

Raider Team is for cadets who enjoy the physical training portion of the JROTC program. The team focuses on physical endurance to complete tasks such as rope bridge, 3k run, obstacle course, and litter carry. The team is dedicated to preparing its mind and body for both county and state competition. 


Female CDR: C/LTC Sara Henao

Male CDR: C/CPT John Gilmore


Rifle Team

Rifle Team is dedicated to teaching and developing competition-style shooting. Cadets are taught the proper and safe way to shoot and handle air rifles. Each cadet is given a target sheet and try their best to get the most points from each hit on the target. Cadets must pass a rifle safety test before trying out for the team. 




Service Learning 

Service Learning is about doing projects to help teach cadets more about the environment that we live in. Cadets develop very good relationships with teammates while participating in these community-enhancing projects.

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