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                Hello everyone I am Sheyen La Chat. I graduated from Naples High School in 2017 and I am now currently enrolled in the Moccasin Battalion at Florida Southern College in Lakeland Florida.  Through my four years of JROTC I gathered experience and credentials that led me to be a candidate for an ROTC scholarship my senior year.  Through my leadership roles such as Company Commander, Drill Commander, and Executive Officer I was able to discover my abilities regarding emotional intelligence, delegation, management, and conflict resolution. Not only this, but JROTC provided me with an abundant amount of volunteer opportunities as well as a physical fitness foundation.  

                  All of this is an important part of the AROTC scholarship which is rewarded based on three categories; academics, leadership, and athletics. Although JROTC can be an easy way to cover these bases, your work outside of this program is just as important to be more competitive as you prove how diverse and well-rounded you are. I was fortunate enough to receive a 3 Year Advanced Designated Scholarship to attend a private school that I never before saw possible. I plan to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army as an Active Duty Nurse to care for either fellow soldiers in any situation or their families with an end goal to work at a Veterans Hospital after serving. Anything is possible for me thanks to this scholarship and the same can be for anyone who follows any passion of their wit 110%. I want to wish everyone luck in their future endeavors and say that you can create any future that you want as long as you never stop pushing!

I recently looked back at the goal sheet that I wrote my Freshman year in SFC Phillips’s LET I class, and did it ever look different compared to where I am now.  I never would have thought as an incoming Freshman that there would be an Army scholarship in my future, but JROTC helped me realize this goal. There is no other organization in high school that offers the opportunities JROTC presents, from community service to color guard and everything in-between. Personally, I took advantage of as many clubs and events that JROTC offered over my four years at Naples High, and all of my participation payed off in the end. I could be myself in JROTC, I could be the leader I wanted to be, and the JROTC cadre helped shape my leadership style into my own niche. During my time in JROTC, I was a Company Commander, Color Guard Commander, Drill Team member, Honor Guard member, Awarded Presidential Volunteer Service Award, and Battalion Executive Officer. I truly loved every second of my time in JROTC at Naples High, and the occasional stressful situation in leadership positions tested my mettle not just as a leader, but as a student. I now am the proud recipient of a 3-year Advanced Designation Scholarship from the Army, and I attribute my success to the help and experience that Naples High JROTC gave me.

I just recently contracted into the Army as an ROTC Cadet at Hampden-Sydney College, a satellite school of the University of Richmond Spider Battalion. Over the summer I completed the Accelerated Basic Training course (Basic Camp) at Fort Knox this summer and learned my basic soldier skills. I was recently awarded a Cultural Understanding & Language Proficiency (CULP) deployment to Mozambique for this upcoming summer from Cadet Command. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in either Theatre or Foreign Affairs at H-SC, and I plan to graduate in the Summer of 2020. Upon graduation, I strive to commission as an active duty aviation officer. In the end though, I want to become a Major League Baseball play-by-play broadcaster, LTC Garrah knows this fun fact. Ultimately, I cannot fully express in words how thankful I am for the help JROTC provided to me in earning this scholarship and pursuing my goals of serving my country. JROTC is truly more than a class, it is an experience.

Naples High School Army Junior ROTC

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