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Erik Eisold Scholarship Testimonial

Hey Everyone! My name is Erik Eisold, the Naples High graduating class of

2021, and I will be joining the Eagle Battalion at Stetson University in Deland

Florida. Upon winter break of my senior year, I went to a competitive

interview, where the top cadet at 13 high schools around the State competed

for the Embry-Riddle 3 Year Army ROTC Scholarship. I won first place out of

the 13, therefore, I had won the ROTC scholarship. Within a week of winning

the interview, I had also won a 3-year ROTC scholarship to Stetson

University, a 3-year ROTC scholarship to Florida Southern College, and a 2

year ROTC scholarship to the Georgia Military Academy. Upon winning and

accepting the 3-year Army ROTC scholarship to Stetson, the Pre-Contract

scholarship was also awarded to me, which means the school will pay for 90%

of my first year of college while the Army pays for the 3 years after that. I will

be going to the Stetson to get a bachelor’s degree in Business


My four years of JROTC gave me the experience and dedication needed to be

a solid candidate for an ROTC scholarship. Through my leadership roles such

as Company Commander, Color Guard Commander, Service-Learning

Coordinator, and Battalion Commander, I was able to discover my abilities

regarding delegation, leadership, and conflict resolution. JROTC also provided

me with an abundant amount of volunteer opportunities where I was able to

get over 250 community service hours in and outside the various clubs, as

well as a physical fitness foundation. JROTC provided me with real-life

experience in being an active member of my community and helped me

develop the characteristics of a good leader.

The AROTC (Army ROTC) scholarship is rewarded based on three

categories: academics, leadership, and athletics. Although JROTC can be an

easy way to cover these, your involvement in clubs and activities around the

community is just as important to be more competitive as you prove how well-

rounded you are. Being Captain and MVP on the varsity school swim team,

Treasurer in Interact club, and an officer in National Honors Society; Along

with being selected for a variety of competitive leadership camps helped me

become a better leader. Leadership roles are good ways to show this! If

serving your country as an Officer or having a guaranteed paid college is what

you want, then start setting goals now and work as hard as you can towards

them. I urge you all to reach out to your JROTC instructors, previous

recipients including myself, and any veterans to start setting yourself up for

success now! If


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