Jrotc program of instruction

JROTC is much more than wearing a uniform and learning to march. Our Program of Instruction also includes:

Leadership theory and application
Communication skills
Conflict resolution
Social and community responsibility
Financial planning
Citizenship and history
Wellness, fitness and first aid
Substance abuse awareness
Land navigation and map reading
Air rifle safety and marksmanship
Career planning

We also offer a wide range of “extra-curricular” activities to keep our Cadets motivated!



Unit 1: Introduction to JROTC:  A Character and Leadership Development Program

Introduces cadets to American symbols, customs, an overview of Army JROTC.
Introduces the Department of Defense.
Provides an overview of each branch of the military.

Unit 2: Leadership Theory and Application

Introduces cadets to basic leadership concepts.
Provides opportunities for leadership through the application of those concepts in command or staff positions.
Introduces race relations and equal opportunity.
Introduces cadets to mentoring and prepares them to participate in a mentoring relationship.
Provides Leadership Laboratory instruction

Unit 3: Foundations for Success

Introduces cadets to essential skills to maximize learning potential and future success.
Cadets apply learning theory and techniques to improve study, communication, teaching, and planning skills.
Cadets assess skill set and work to develop their maximum potential.
Social responsibility, conflict resolution, and service learning opportunities provide further cadet development.

Unit 4: Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid

Explains physical fitness and how to maintain good health through proper diet and exercise.
Provides cadets the opportunity to perform satisfactorily, at age group level, in the President's Physical Fitness Program.
Provides cadets the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in basic first aid/lifesaving skills.
Teaches awareness of substance abuse and prevention.

Unit 5: Geography and Earth Science

Introduces cadets to the components of the globe, map reading skills, and land navigation skills, as well as the sport of orienteering and the techniques used in air navigation.
Provides an overview on each of the continents, discussing physical, political, economic, and cultural elements of each region and country.
Discusses the importance of environmental awareness and introduces cadets to environmental issues.













Unit 6: Citizenship and American History

Introduces the values and principles that underlie good citizenship.
Emphasis is placed on topics such as the importance of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights; responsibilities of U.S. citizens; basic national values; the US federal justice system; and service to the community.
In conjunction with citizenship, cadets are introduced to a variety of significant events and historical figures that contributed to our citizenship and American history.

Unit 7: Air Rifle Safety and Marksmanship

Introduces cadets to the historic applications of marksmanship and its current application as a sport.
Teaches firearms safety, proper operation of the equipment, as well as different firing positions and the techniques for sight alignment for each position.
Safety and discipline are stressed at each step.


Naples High School Army Junior ROTC

"Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens"