Hello everyone, this is C/CPT Alex D’Arco, and I cannot wait to start a new Drill season this year! After learning new elements of Drill and how to effectively teach cadets Drill movements last summer, I am excited to bring the next level of competition to the table. Last year, we absolutely dominated the competition of country Drill competition, with multiple teams taking 1st place. At states, most of our teams placed well within the rankings of the competition. This year, I am planning on teaching Drill to cadets in new ways, with a new learning style. We will be teaching cadets how to correctly execute individual movements for a longer period of time, rather than implementing Drill routines earlier on in the school year. Repetition will be the key to our success this year, as it will allow us to execute Drill with elements of precision and confidence. With this new learning style, I hope to see our Drill team more competitive in states this year. However, what I am really looking for as a Drill team commander would be a general improvement in our Drill culture, a progression in the efficiency of our practice. Not only that, but I also hope to help cadets understand what it means to be a member of Drill team. By participating in Drill, our cadre can better represent the army, and its core values. Drill is a reflection of discipline, requiring dedication, hard work, and integrity. For those who decide to dedicate themselves to our Drill team, they are exhibiting those qualities. This will help them progress throughout our program, while bettering themselves as people. With the group of cadets we have in our Battalion this year, I cannot wait to see what we will bring to the table in this Drill season!

Naples High School Army Junior ROTC

"Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens"