delta company

Delta Company Leadership

Company Commander: Cadet Captain Alex D'arco

First Sergeant: Cadet First Sergeant 

Hello everyone, this is C/CPT Alex D’Arco, and I am excited to be the Delta Company commander this year! My First Sergeant is Cadet Sergeant First Class Blake Carter, and my cadet leader’s consist of Cadet Private First Class Roberto Sanchez, Cadet Corporal Jake pound, Cadet Corporal Landon Cari, and Cadet Corporal Mark Diaz. As a JROTC cadet, I am the commander Drill team and helping out in service learning with Erik Eisold. My interests in these two clubs motivate me to implement aspects of Drill and Service learning into my company class time. Consequently, I strive to teach my Let 1 cadets about Drill, as well as teaching them how to best serve their community. However, as a Company Commander, one of my greatest goals is to motivate my Let 1 cadets and leadership to put their best effort into improving themselves and helping others. By doing this, we can be successful as a unit, and truly live up to our programs mission and leadership values. I have a great group of Let 1 cadets, who I am sure will do great things in the program. Furthermore, with my company’s leadership abilities, I am sure that Delta Company will have a great year!


Delta company brings the heat,

We just win we can't be beat,

We step in line and never cheat,

Delta company wins with pride,

Delta delta turns the tide.

Naples High School Army Junior ROTC

"Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens"