Color Guard​

Hey Everyone! I am C/CPT Erik Eisold, and I am your Color Guard commander for the 2019-20 school year. This year will be a great year for Color Guard, with all the incoming LET 1’s and the older LET 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s. I am very excited about our male and female competition Color Guard teams. Last year, we did amazing at County Competition and very good at State Competition. With effort, patience, and time I know we can do better than last year at the competition level. With all this effort put forth, we will not just focus on competition. Serving our community is always a priority that we do professionally. Color Guard is about improving cadets individually so that they can work as a team to give back to the community in a prestigious way. We are the face of Naples High School JROTC and that is what makes us the most important club. All cadets from Color Guard are seen at multiple events around the community. Therefore with the skills taught by your cadet leaders and the effort put forth, our high standards will be met by reflecting the best that our battalion has to offer. Our training starts out by teaching groups how to use the equipment properly and then how to march. Once cadets are efficient at using the equipment and marching, they will be placed on multiple Color Guards throughout the school year. Color Guard won’t just teach you how to use some of the JROTC equipment properly, it will teach you life skills such as how to not be nervous in front of a crowd, and how to act in a professional manner when representing something bigger than just you. We will always need you there for us, just like I am here for you if you need me. This will be tough the first few times, but believe me, even if you do not enjoy volunteering with Color Guard it will become more enjoyable and less difficult as you get used to it. There will always be a challenge. However, part of being in this club is learning how to overcome the challenges presented to you as a cadet, and student.  With your hard work, I will help shape you into some of the most proficient and sharpest cadets in the battalion when it comes to drill and ceremony. After time, you too will be able to command Color Guards and have the opportunity to be placed on the competition Color Guard. I look forward to seeing how great you will become throughout this and next school year. Let’s make it a great year! Hooah!!

Naples High School Army Junior ROTC

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