Charlie Company

Charlie Company Leadership

Company Commander: Cadet Captain Erik Eisold

First Sergeant: Cadet First Sergeant Bradly Brunner

Hey everyone! My name is C/CPT Erik Eisold, and I am your Charlie Company commander for the 2019-20 school year. Over the last few years, Charlie Company has been getting better and better as a Company overall. I am hoping to continue this trend with all the cadet leaders and LET 1’s we have. We currently have the biggest company. Let’s use our numbers to also make us the best company. I look forward to working with every single one of our cadets individually to motivate them to improve their physical fitness, get promoted, and volunteer more. If you have any questions about the battalion or High School, in general, I’ll be happy to answer them. With great effort and time well spent, we can become the best company and win Honor Company. Let’s make it a great year Charlie Company! Hooah!!. It's easy.

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