Alpha Company

Alpha Company Leadership

Company Commander: c/cpt Ashton Mills

First Sergeant: c/1sgt Connor Bricco

Hello everybody! C/CPT Ashton Mills here and I will be the Alpha company commander for the 2019-2020 school year! I’m excited for the year, and I can say soundly that I am very grateful for my well behaved and well rounded cadets already. Throughout the year, I plan on (with the assistance of my C/1SGT Connor Bricco) teaching our cadets the importance of JROTC and the beneficial skills it will teach them for the future. Let’s make it a great year, Alpha!

Alpha company going strong what we do is never wrong. Heads held high up to the sky, alpha company never lies.

Naples High School Army Junior ROTC

"Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens"