Academic Team


Hello everyone my name is Cadet First Sergeant Connor Bricco, and I will be commanding Academic team this year! I am ecstatic to bring in new cadets and teach them everything there is to know about academic team, as well as help them grow to become more college ready. This year I plan to drill Academic team members with SAT and ACT in order to further understand how to evaluate questions quickly and efficiently. The primary subjects that I want to begin practicing with cadets would be grammar and math. Although those will be the primary subjects emphasized, as a team we will also practice English, science, and history. By being on this team, we are building leadership, strengthening knowledge, and making ourselves more competitive for our future careers. I am truly excited to see what we will accomplish as a team this year, and what benefits Academic team will bring to the cadets involved.


Naples High School Army Junior ROTC

"Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens"