Academic Team


Hello everyone my name is C/CPT Alex D’Arco, and I will be commanding Academic team this year! I am ecstatic to bring in new cadets and teach them everything there is to know about academic team, as well as help them grow to become more college ready. Last year, as a team we tried our very best to overcome the level 1 competition, while learning and growing from our experiences. This year I plan to drill Academic team members with SAT and ACT in order to further understand how to evaluate questions quickly and efficiently. The primary subjects that I want to begin practicing with cadets would be grammar and math. Although those will be the primary subjects emphasized, as a team we will also practice English, science, and history. By being on this team, we are building leadership, strengthening knowledge, and making ourselves more competitive for our future careers. I am truly excited to see what we will accomplish as a team this year, and what benefits Academic team will bring to the cadets involved.


Naples High School Army Junior ROTC

"Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens"